Welcome to the Sun Safe Nurseries
interactive online status guide

Once you have registered your nursery, you can use this online status guide to take you through
each of the three steps required to gain your Sun Safe Nursery Status and Award.

On completion of each step, you will be asked to tick a box and leave brief feedback, this will
inform us which steps you have completed and provide proof of your current status. Any additional,
constructive comments you can leave within your feedback, whether positive or negative, will help
ensure we are providing a structured and successful award Scheme that can be effectively
implemented by all nurseries and pre-school settings across the UK.

You will be able to return to your nursery’s status at any time by logging into the site and clicking on
GO TO MY STATUS tab (left). Your progress will be saved as you move through the stages.

Click here to register your Nursery and get started >

Primary Schools can gain their Sun Safe Status via our sister scheme at: www.sunsafeschools.co.uk
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