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A national accreditation programme providing nursery and pre-school settings with free resources to assist them in their duty of care to safeguard children against UV and prevent skin cancer through education

Little Explorers Nursery

GRANTED TO: Little Explorers Nursery

DATE ISSUED 16|10|23 - EXPIRY DATE 16|10|24

Little Explorers Nursery are proud to have renewed our annual Sun Safe Nurseries Accreditation. The accreditation programme has been developed by national melanoma and skin cancer charity ‘Skcin’ to assist nurseries and pre-school settings in their duty of care to safeguard children against the dangers of Ultraviolet Radiation (UVR) and educate early learners on the importance of sun safety to influence behaviours.

Little Explorers Nursery have reviewed our sun safety policy which is available for parents/carers to download below. This policy outlines our commitment to:

PROTECTION: providing an environment that enables children and staff to stay safe in the sun.
EDUCATION: learning about sun safety to increase knowledge and influence behaviour.
COLLABORATION: working with parents, the management structure and the wider community to reinforce awareness about sun safety.

Our letter about the programme and the support required by parents is also available to download and print below if you have not already received one. This letter contains a parental response form that must be completed by all parents, so that we have a record of your support and proof of our communication. If you have not already supplied us with a response form, please ensure these are completed and returned to us as soon as possible.

We thank you for your valued support.

Little Explorers Nursery are proud to be working with national charity Skcin to raise awareness about:

  • The importance of sun safety

  • How to prevent skin cancer by adopting simple sun safe strategies

  • How to protect and check your family’s skin

  • How to spot the early signs and symptoms to promote early detection and diagnosis

Please download the ‘Sun Safety and Skin Cancer’ information booklet below, for vital information on the prevention and early detection of the UK’s most common and fastest rising cancer.

Together we can make a difference and save lives.

Dear Parent/Carer,
Do you have a minute to provide the charity behind this accreditation programme with some feedback? We’ve received thousands of fabulous testimonials from primary schools and pre-school settings across the UK, but we’d love to hear what parents think about the programme! We would really appreciate it if you could provide some feedback below that we can use in our supportive and promotional communications. Thank you so much for your support.


To find out more about the charity Skcin visit: www.skcin.org